Take a few million dollars and then proceed to attempt to throw it off a mountain at 100-plus-miles-per-hour, and then see how many people call you crazy. Do exactly that in a car worth a few million, and see how many people call you a hero (and mumble about your insanity under their breath).

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Daniel Muller has decided to do the latter, and while we’re definitely mumbling, we’re also exclaiming his bravado—as well as the pure joy of seeing and hearing the car flat-out in this run from the 2012 Arosa Classic Car Rally, recently posted by Road & Track.

Sliding the tail, the nose, and sometimes both, flicking the car and dancing all three pedals while chucking the big, slow-ratio steering wheel around, Muller puts on a clinic of driving without any fear whatsoever—be that fear of the car, the course, or the potential repair bill.

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