Owning a masterpiece of vintage automotive engineering is the dream of many of us. Maybe even all of us. But for one man, that dream is reality, in the form of a stunning 300SL--the original gullwing.

Shared with us here, via eGarage, with the fitting title "Poetry in Motion," is one pristine example of achieving the enthusiast's dream.

But more than just the raw beauty of the Mercedes-Benz 300SL comes through in this video. More, even, than the love of a man for a car. Something that could turn even a car-haters head in surprise and, perhaps, wonder.

The sound.

That direct-injected (yes, it was the first direct-injected gasoline automobile engine in production) 3.0-liter straight six under the hood sings, growls, roars, and purrs like few others on the road, no matter the cylinder count. Simply glorious.