The term "barn find" gets thrown around a fair amount these days. It originally referred to vehicles that were quite literally found in barns, but it has quickly evolved to refer to a vehicle that's been discovered after hiding away from the public eye for a long time.

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However it's been stored, it's a vehicle that should be in an original, unrestored state, and it's going to probably be a vehicle that many folks would love to bring home exactly as said vehicle has been found or discovered. One of the latest barn find beauties to catch the automotive auction scene is a rare Italian drop-top that is sure to get some tongues wagging... and wallets opening.

A 1967 Ferrari 330 GTS was recently plucked away from its life collecting dust in a Pennsylvania garage. It's now heading to Scottsdale, Arizona to cross the stage at the upcoming Gooding & Co auction. Early estimates for the car seem to say that someone will be parting with as much as two million dollars. It must be in excellent shape then, right? Not exactly. This 23,000 original mile 330 GTS was actually put away and eventually sold by its originally owner due to a small fire that originated in the engine bay. The second owner planned to fix the car up but never got around to it, and so it sat.

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Per the auction house, the engine assembly actually rotates quite cleanly and most of the damage might just be cosmetic. Still, no one is taking a chance on firing up the old 4.0-liter 12-cylinder engine. Perhaps the new buyer, should it find a new home, will do just that. One thing he or she won't do, however, is restore the car. It's rare to find a Ferrari of this vintage in perfect shape, but it's rarer still to find one of just 99 examples built that is in its absolutely original shape. 


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