The Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] has been employing some pretty innovative techniques when it comes to designing the interiors of its vehicles, including taking into account customer feedback on what the automaker describes as “emotional, logical and discovery” perspectives. This latest method of interior design was implemented for the cabin of Ford’s upcoming GT supercar, which not only is appealing to the eye but is designed in such a way that it should provide a great experience for occupants.

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The design process begins with designers collecting customer feedback using new techniques such as eye tracking, measuring where eyesight lingers most and biometric tests where a person’s reaction to certain stimuli is recorded. For example, the designers looked at how customers reacted to various materials, colors, design traits and feature sets, and then reserved the more popular aspects for the final design.

According to Ford, research has shown that a great-looking interior will initially attract new buyers, but if the design isn’t thought through properly, actually living with the car can become a sour point for the buyer.

When designing the interior of the GT, first the main components were identified, then the design was pushed forward using the methods mentioned above. To provide the best experience for those riding in the new GT, Ford came up with these guiding principles:

  • Fit for purpose - technology is concentrated and organized in clear islands with an ergonomic logic. All essential functions are within reach without the driver having to move his hand position.
  • Lean and lightweight - the instrument panel features a two-tier step design with floating wing. It makes use of the negative space while calling attention to the edge detailing. The result is a feeling of spaciousness.
  • Perceived efficiency - soft materials and hard technology are carefully balanced so that all touchable materials are soft and all technology areas are hard, conveying a sense of precision across the instrument panel.

We certainly love the look of the new GT’s interior. The fact that sitting in it and using it should provide a great experience is just icing on the cake. Heck, we’d be just as happy if there was nothing but a steering wheel, pedals and a decent sized windshield to look out of... but that's just us.

The new Ford GT goes on sale in late 2016. It was recently confirmed that the car will cost as much as $400k to own.


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