If you’re a well-heeled fan of the ‘80s, here’s your chance to own one of the decade’s most iconic cars, the white Ferrari Testarossa from the popular television series Miami Vice. It’s still located in Florida and is currently listed for sale on eBay Motors with an asking price of—wait for it—$1.75 million.

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While the earlier seasons of the show featured a black Daytona Spyder, this was actually a replica based on a Corvette. This didn’t sit well with Ferrari, which convinced the show’s producers to replace the replica with a real Ferrari, and thus, by season three, Sonny and Rico were rolling around in a Testarossa—still with their pastel Ts and rolled up sleeves.

Interestingly, the Testarossas used for filming—there were two originals plus a replica used in action shots—were originally black but were painted white for the show because the brighter hue looked better in front of the camera. The one up for sale is a 1986 model and has just 16,000 miles on the clock.

Speaking with Fox News, the seller said he bought the car about three years ago. It was sitting in a garage in Miami and had previously traded hands back in 1991. The seller also has full service records plus documentation of the car's role on the TV show.

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A quick search of eBay shows that there are a number of Testarossas for sale for less than $100k, though admittedly none of these were in a popular TV show. Still, the seller has passed up offers of over $1 million for the car, so anyone looking to put in a low-ball offer may be disappointed.

The Testarossa, which was introduced at the 1984 Paris Auto Show, came with a 4.9-liter V-12 that had 390 horsepower and could accelerate the car to a 180-mph top speed.


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