Let me drop a little bit of insight here before we start this post. One of my dreams is to own a replica of the ultra-angry Ford Falcon XB GT from Mad Max. To have all eight side pipes bursting forth with the aggression from the last of the V8 Interceptors would put a perma-smile on my face, and I'll make it happen some day. So for me to say that I'm extremely excited for the newest installment in the Mad Max film series would be a supreme understatement.

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Especially after seeing the latest trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road.

In this second trailer (the first came out earlier in the year), Tom Hardy steps into the worn down boots of Max Rockatansky, and George Miller returns to bring his dystopic future vision back to the big screen. This is the first Max movie in 30 years, and its partly due to the development hell that the film has been stuck in for the last 25 of those years. The new film promises to remain true to the formula with little dialog, lots of action, and a world filled with baddies that are hell bent on sucking any available gasoline they can find.

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Watch the trailer. Get goosebumps. Look at your calendar and then be a bit disappointed that Summer 2015 feels so far away right now. Then watch the trailer again and be happy.


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