Mad Max is back! The first trailer for the fourth installment of the series, Mad Max: Fury Road, was shown during the recent Comic-Con event, and it looks like the new movie has all the right ingredients to be another hit. Only this time Max is played by Tom Hardy rather than Mel Gibson, but original director George Miller is there as well as original writer Nick Lathouris and comic book great Brendan McCarthy.

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Filming for the new movie took place primarily in Namibia, although it’s—presumably—set in Australia, where the previous three movies were. Other actors starring in the movie include Charlize Theron, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Nicholas Hoult, Zoë Kravitz and Australian model Megan Gale.

For those unfamiliar with the legend of Mad Max, it’s about a retired police officer by the name of Max Rockatansky. He lives in a dystopic world where the remaining humans battle for resources, mainly fuel. In Mad Max: Fury Road, the battle is for water.

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Just as popular as the human characters were the vehicles, including Max’s choice of ride, a coupe version of the 1973 Ford Falcon sold in Australia that was converted into the ‘Interceptor’ for its role in the movie.

The current release date for Mad Max: Fury Road is May 15, 2015.


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