This is the final version of Ford’s Falcon sedan designed and built in Australia. The latest Falcon was revealed today in its XR6 and XR8 performance trim and will be hitting the Aussie and New Zealand markets at the end of the year. The regular model will be revealed at a later date. Sadly, Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] has confirmed it is ceasing vehicle production in Australia in late 2016, meaning the car will only have a two-year production run.

As previously reported, the 2015 Falcon is an update of the current model rather than an entirely new design. Essentially, new front and rear sections have been tacked on to the previous car, and the interior given a revamp. Similar updates will be applied to the Falcon Ute and a Falcon-based SUV called the Territory, both of which also cease to exist once Ford production in Australia winds up.

As expected, Ford designers have made the Falcon resemble other models from the Blue Oval lineup such as the Fusion and Mustang, which enter the Aussie market next year. The Falcon is similar in size to our own Taurus, so it may hint at what’s to come for the next-generation model. Unfortunately, that next-generation Taurus won’t feature rear-wheel drive like the Falcon… it will ride on a stretched version of the Fusion’s platform.

Full specifications are yet to be revealed, but the 2015 Falcon should feature the same powertrains to those in the previous car. This means the regular Falcon will offer either 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder power or a 4.0-liter straight-six. The sporty XR6 model will feature a turbocharged version of the locally-developed straight-six while the XR8 sledgehammer will get a supercharged version of the 5.0-liter ‘Coyote’ V-8 found in the Mustang.

The XR8 replaces the previous performance Falcons built and sold by the FPV division, which ceases to operate this year. The last FPV model ever is this year’s 351 GT F. Several generations of the Falcon have had XR8 variants in the past, and all of them had naturally aspirated V-8 engines. This makes the 2015 Falcon XR8 the first to feature forced induction. Peak output is expected to be 450 horsepower.

Transmissions will include six-speed manual and six-speed automatic options, and drive in all Falcons go to the rear wheels only. The Territory SUV is also rear-wheel drive as standard but offers an all-wheel-drive option.

Unique styling elements of the XR performance models include the sporty front bumpers, a power dome hood, and a sport exhaust system. The XR headlights also feature hockey stick-style LED daytime running lights which the regular Falcon will miss out on. There are also unique fog light bezels. At the rear, a split tail light design has been implemented to accentuate the car’s wide, purposeful stance and smooth exterior lines. LEDs are used at the rear and on the XR models the trunk lid has a subtle spoiler integrated with it. A unique rear diffuser on the XR8 houses round quad-exhaust tips and further emphasizes the performance of the XR8 model.