When you say “Lamborghini,” many people, even non-car-enthusiasts, have a certain image—both of the car and the owner. For some it’s the iconic Countach, with its owner decked out in a slick ‘80s Italian suit, driving gloves, and painfully narrow shoes. For others, it’s the Diablo or the Aventador, the owner’s shirt the only thing louder than the exhaust note.

The Huracán avoids both stereotypes, somehow cashing in on Lamborghini’s penchant for exotic design while managing a much more approachable air. Perhaps its the slightly more delicate lines, the mild understatement of the cleanly merged edges. Or perhaps it’s the un-flustered ease with which the driver exits the surprisingly comfortable cabin. Whatever it is, the Huracán is both an exotic and a daily driver—or at least it could be.

That’s not to say the Huracán can’t keep up the frenetic exotic driving experience you’d expect of any Lamborghini. If anything, it’s the opposite. High-tech updates to the Huracán’s chassis and electronic controls make it a car the Gallardo could never be: truly fun and rewarding to drive, both on the street and at the track.

As we noted in our first drive review, “Dynamically, once in Corsa mode, the Huracán feels rather a lot like the Audi R8 V10 Plus. That's certainly not a bad thing: there's loads of power from the quick-revving 5.2-liter V-10 engine (601 hp, to be precise), and the 3,370-pound car is very well-balanced for a mid-engined, all-wheel-drive car. The tendency toward power-on understeer is notable, but a few laps of calibrating driving style to match the car's grip and propulsion levels quickly makes it an easy car to drive scarily fast.”

Once you’ve worn yourself out on track, the ride home will be a respite—no need to trailer your prized possession to acquire the comfort you’ll want after a hard day of hitting apexes and braking late. Having driven the car hard and easy in both Spain and coastal California, we stand by our first drive assessment of ride quality: “Even over very bumpy roads (a detour took us off-route and onto some roads to which no Lamborghini owner would willingly subject their prized steed), the Huracán's composition and poise was unshaken. It's a super sports car, to be sure, and the bumps are noticeable, but the magneto-rheological dampers make the ride smoother than it has any right to be.”

This dual-natured personality makes the Huracán a joy to drive in any condition, and a car we’d have no qualms about owning. That’s why it’s on the list of our nominees for the Best Car To Buy 2015 award. It’s also why we made this bold statement to conclude our first drive: “Rolled in with its dynamic ability and civic civility, the magnetism of the look and sound makes the Huracán not just one of our favorite cars, but the best Lamborghini we've ever driven.”

Find out more about each of Motor Authority’s 2015 Best Car To Buy nominees as we detail the field en route to our November 10th announcement of the winner.

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