Beautiful to look at, glorious to hear, and incredibly fun to drive, the 2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe is a car any enthusiast would love to wake up to every day. But are its charms enough to overcome the highly competitive field that make up Motor Authority’s Best Car To Buy 2015 nominees list?

First and foremost, the F-Type Coupe is about passion. Both the passion that went into its creation and the passion it evokes in its driver.

In the case of the F-Type Coupe R, that passion is omnipresent. As Marty Padgett noted in Motor Authority’s first drive review, “It all lines up according to gospel here--and gospel truly is the analogue for what the F-Type Coupe R's vocal chops are capable of emoting through its active-exhaust system. We never mind the boggling numbers on tap for a few longish stints while running roughshod through rural Spain, just to listen. Even more so than in the roadster, the V-8 is nearly impossible to ignore. Minus the distractions of sun and breezes and gawkers caught mid-gape, the Coupe fills with the resonating throb of that thundering V-8, even when it's just waking up.”

Beyond the purely emotive side of the F-Type Coupe’s performance, particularly in R form, the hardtop F-Type also brings plenty of appeal in its other aspects, although there are a few compromises.

“What you won't spend a lot of time doing in any F-Type, Coupe or roadster, is packing,” wrote Padgett in his first drive review. “It's an object to be coveted, not to be projected upon with a bunch of futile practical notions. Two golf bags might nestle in longways behind the front seats, but the Coupe R doesn't strike us as the golfing type, anyway. A roll-on bag and two smaller camera bags wholly consumed a cargo hold we'd call shallow to its face.”

That (predictable) sports car caveat aside, the F-Type Coupe has much to offer. A luxurious interior styled in Jaguar’s latest themes means a focused and high-tech look, with substantial-feeling switches and buttons, fine leather upholstery, a driver-centric layout, and surprisingly comfortable seats for a compact sports car.

Ultimately, the F-Type Coupe, and especially the R, build on the the appeal of the F-Type roadster, honing its edge to a much finer point, while retaining all of the luxury and style we loved so much about the soft top.

As we concluded in our first drive, “Now that the F-Type Coupe has finally arrived, it's every bit the sportscar we’d hoped it would be.”

Find more details on each of our Best Car To Buy 2015 nominees as we close in on the November 10th announcement of the winner.

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