In a way, we admire the intestinal fortitude of the German in this video. In the interest of science, or at least YouTube views, he sets an Infiniti Q50S in self-driving mode and lets it cruise down the highway. Then he climbs out of the driver’s seat.

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In another way, we think this guy is completely crazy and more than a little dangerous to allow the Active Lane Control in the Infiniti to have complete control over the vehicle, and to take himself out of a position where he would be able to quickly and safely regain control if needed.

On balance, this is an impressive video to watch, as the Infiniti does an admirable job of driving itself along a gently curving, well-marked highway in moderate traffic. But it’s also a great example of what not to do if you should find yourself in possession of a semi-autonomous car, too.

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If you’re a German reader (or handy with a machine translation service) you can find more about the computer ghost ride at Vanishing Point.