Going fast on a private stretch of race track is quite enjoyable. Especially when there happens to be enough room to really let the car stretch its legs. That is why Volkswagen owns the Ehra-Lessien testing facility in Germany, which comes with a 5.4-mile long straight. It's also the perfect place to find the upper limits of a Bugatti Veyron. Sometimes though, an owner might get a chance to push his machine in a setting that's not quite as prepared for such an endeavor.

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The 2014 Sun Valley Road Rally recently took place near Ketchum, Idaho. This event turns the beautiful stretch of Highway 75 into a closed-to-public-traffic roadway that sees high-powered vehicles running as hard as they can. The proceeds go to a charity, people have a good time, and fast cars are exercised extremely well.

It was at this event where a handful of Bugatti Veyrons took to the road to see just what they could accomplish. One of the Veyron beasties in attendance happened to be of the Super Sport variety. Actually, to make it even more rare, it is also a Pur Blanc. Of the 30 Super Sports built, Bugatti produced just one in Pur Blanc guise.

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The driver of the car managed to hit a top speed of 246.4 miles per hour at one point, about 21 mph down on the car's record top speed. Nevertheless, this is, as you might imagine, a new record for the Sun Valley Road Rally. Thankfully, someone captured a brief piece of the run on video, which you can see above. It's pretty amazing to note that what sounds like a jet in the distance... is the car.