The Sun Valley Road Rally is quickly making a strong case to become our new favorite high-speed motoring event. This Idaho-based contest of speed sees a section Highway 75 closed to the public so that folks can drive their machines at extremely high speeds. We told you about a Bugatti Veyron that managed to hit 246 miles per hour. Now comes video of a tuned Nissan GT-R running at just over 237 miles per hour.

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The Goliath GT-R produces 1,700 horsepower, and, in race trim, utilizes a bit of tape to close up some seams on the front of the car. The result was this 237.1 mile per hour top speed pass during the event. That's not as quick as the Bugatti, of course, but the dollar-to-top speed ratio is a bit more in favor of the GT-R.

As more videos make their way to YouTube, we find ourselves looking forward to the 2015 running of the event. What's the quickest route to Ketchum, Idaho for next years running?

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