The plate on the back may be from Massachusetts but, per the video description, the car is being driven around Beverly Hills. That just means it's come home to its natural habitat--or at least the most natural habitat that doesn't happen to be a race track. The car in question is a Porsche Carrera GT, which has been reworked by Gemballa into a Mirage GT. Seeing as just 25 were produced, this is a rather rare sighting. It's a loud one, too.

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With the Porsche Carrera GT, we're already dealing with one of the greatest sounding cars ever produced. The Gemballa team took this car and poked their tools under the engine cover to extract a bit more juice. Power jumps from 610 horsepower up to 670 horsepower, and the 0-62 mile per hour time is around 3.7 seconds. It's funny how that seems like it should be quicker when compared against some of today's super machines. Still, today's cars have nothing on the sound coming from the rear of the Carrera GT.

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Want to brighten your Wednesday with a little bit of automotive noise? Grab your headphones, crank the volume, and hit play. If you work in an environment that doesn't mind a bit of distraction, leave the headphones out and keep your office door open. Everyone should hear this.