It's still a few months before the 2015 Ford Mustang starts to arrive at dealerships, yet a number of established aftermarket tuners are clearly hard at work prepping even hotter versions.

The latest to tease a Mustang project is Roush Performance, which today posted the hazy profile pic above and added the name S550 in a tag.

Technical details haven't been released—or even teased—at this point; and the wheels in this picture are definitely not stock, but that's a given.

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We expect a remarkably finished, well-tuned car. Ford gives a select core of tuners advanced access to its parts, and Roush has a solid history of building Mustangs with more power, plus improved handling to match—as well as a little more bodywork or trim to stand out and be recognized, yet not so much so as to be garish.

Recent Roush Mustang models have been offered in Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 levels, with the Stage 3 cars adding the most performance enhancements and appearance changes.

Check back for more details on the next Roush Mustang in the next few weeks. With the 2015 Saleen Mustang S302 that's on the way, as well as cars on the way from Steeda and Galpin Auto Sports, even in the new Mustang's first year it looks like those looking to access a little more performance will have some especially exciting options.


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