Cadillac wants you to put your phone away. Well, all automakers do really, but Cadillac will soon offer you a bit of an energizing incentive to do so. The automaker has teamed up with Powermat to serve up a wireless charging pad in the 2015 ATS. After it makes its introduction on the ATS, the wireless charging option will move to the Cadillac CTS sedan and then on to the new Escalade later in the winter.

The system consists of a rubber mat that sits beneath the center stack interface. A press of a button brings the system up giving access to the mat. A phone that is compatible, or wearing a compatible case, is simply placed on the mat and then it begins charging. We believe this system is called magic, but we've been corrected by scientists who tell us it's merely a small electromagnetic field providing energy to recharge the battery.

It's a great way to tuck the phone away while driving, especially because any of the functions you'd really want on the road will be available through the infotainment system. We're all for this setup as it reduces wire-based clutter, and could possibly make a (very) small dent in the distracted driving realm.

We should also mention that Lexus already offers up this feature on the all-new NX. Perhaps more automakers will be moving in this direction as well. If so, start buying stock in Powermat.