The 2015 Lexus NX has only been hitting the streets for a short time. That doesn't mean it can't start seeing some upgrades heading its way. It helps that these accessories come way of Toyota's in-house performance team. Yes, Toyota Racing Development, or TRD, is ready to offer up some added aggression for the already in-your-face NX.

It's the F Sport variant that has the biggest visual impact of the NX family. You're either going to love it or hate it, and now you can add to that. TRD is releasing a complete body kit for the new NX.

Up front, a chin spoiler sets off the extra dash of aggression while a rear diffuser rounds out the changes in the back. Quad exhaust outlets of the sport exhaust poke out cleanly from the rear diffuser. There's also a set of 19-inch forged aluminum wheels to help complete the look. Our favorite part of the whole upgrade is easily the wheels. The multi-spoke spinners look good, and help fill out the wheel wells quite nicely.

This kit comes from TRD Japan, so there's no word yet if it's available in U.S. dealerships. If it does find its way here, we hope it comes in at a little less than the asking price in Japan. Lexus fans over there will need to shell out $3,360 for the front lip, rear diffuser, and quad exhaust. And they'll have to add in another $4,280 if they want the wheels as well.