A new Batman means, well, many things. It's time for a new actor to don a hopefully iconic suit, while a new director helms the course of a beloved franchise. It also means that it's time for us to get a brand new Batmobile. Although this is extremely debatable, it seems that each successive Batmobile is better than the one before it. The most recent example is, of course, the Tumbler.

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Now it's time for a whole new machine to make what we have to believe will be a grand entrance. A quick glimpse at a portion of the car was shown recently when we got a look at the new suit that Ben Affleck would wear for the titular role. It didn't give us much to go on but it was a start.

Now though, we've got a much clearer picture of what we're dealing with...and it's impressive. This new look appears far more futuristic than the prior generation Batmobile, and the front shot shows off some beefy control arms. That makes sense since the Batmobile will need some grade-A suspension bits to hand the brutality the Dark Knight will undoubtedly dish out.

Batmobile Dawn of Justice

Batmobile Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice doesn't come out until 2016. That means we probably have a few more months of teasers ahead of us until we see a more official photo. Still, the wait should be worth it (for comic book fans, at least) because this film is helping to round out and establish the DC Universe, which includes the Justice League movie being shot simultaneously.


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