The new generation of the Mustang is soon to arrive on our nation’s streets, bringing with it independent rear suspension, sharp new looks, and, as every enthusiast is eagerly awaiting, a new turbocharged four-cylinder engine. That turbo four Mustang will be called the Mustang EcoBoost.

Speculation as to a possible SVT or SVO badge for the four-cylinder turbo has now been answered. The simple moniker distinguishes it from the V-6 and GT alternatives, and suggests that Ford has no plans to drop a turbo V-6 EcoBoost engine in the car anytime soon, as well.

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The information comes from what appears to be a leaked Mustang dealer order guide at Mustang6G forums. Other details that can be gleaned from the PDF include:

  • The Mustang EcoBoost will be available with a six-speed manual transmission (standard) and an optional six-speed automatic.
  • The standard rear end ratio for the Mustang EcoBoost will be 3.31:1 (or 3:15:1 for the automatic)
  • A limited-slip differential is standard on all Mustang EcoBoost models
Information on the Performance Package (PP) for the Mustang EcoBoost is also revealed:
  • An upgrade to the 3.55:1 rear end
  • 19x9-inch High Gloss Black aluminum wheels wrapped in 255/40 summer tires
  • Heavy Duty front springs
  • Upgraded rear sway bar
  • “Unique Chassis Tuning”
  • Larger brake rotors and four-piston calipers
  • Unique electric power steering, ABS, and stability control tuning
  • An aluminum dash panel
  • A larger radiator
  • A gauge pack with oil pressure and boost gauges
  • Rear spoiler delete
There’s plenty of other information to be extracted from the order guide for those inclined, including details on the V-6 and GT models. Head over to the Mustang6G forums for the full PDF document.


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