Rejoice or mourn, depending on your take: the mid-engine Honda S660 sports car will be built, according to a new report. But it probably won't be heading to the U.S.

With the exit of the S2000 from Honda's range in 2009, there have been no true sports cars from the brand--the closest offering being the Civic Si. But the S660 certainly fills the sports car bill, packing a mid-mounted, turbocharged 660-cc three-cylinder engine rated at a meagre but adequate 64 horsepower.

How is 64 horsepower adequate? Because the S660 is pint-sized. Kei-sized, actually, designed to fit just about anywhere in the increasingly crowded realm of Japan. It also weighs less than 2,000 pounds.

The car will be produced on contract at Yachiyo Industry's Yokkaichi plant starting next year, reports via Autoblog.

Despite the tiny dimensions and small engine output, we just can't help but think a mid-engined, rear-drive sports car from Honda is precisely what the doctor ordered for the brand's long-abandoned fans. Sure, there's always the Acura NSX, but price--and the question of when it will finally be ready for production--rule it out for many.