Talk of a hardcore Porsche Cayman built along the lines of the 911 GT3 dates back all the way to 2009, but since then the closest we’ve got to such a car being launched is 2012’s Cayman R and the more recent Cayman GTS. However, as nice as they are, neither is what you would imagine a GT3-badged Cayman as being. It appears Porsche feels the same way.

Motor Trend is reporting that Porsche will launch a Cayman built to GT4 specifications within the next three years. This means the car will likely be closer to the regular Cayman than the 911 GT3 is to the 911 Carrera, but it should still be more than adequate for motorsport use straight out of the box.

The so-called Cayman GT4 is expected to feature a unique engine--possibly based on Porsche’s next-generation four-cylinder--as well as a quicker shifting PDK dual-clutch transmission, a stripped-out cabin, and a new aero kit. Uprated wheels, tires and brakes are also likely to feature.

Interestingly, the same Motor Trend report also claims Porsche’s next-generation four-cylinder engine will be a conventional in-line unit and not a boxer as widely expected. The magazine also claims Porsche’s next-generation plug-in hybrid models will offer outputs exceeding 700 horsepower. Sadly, there was no mention of a Porsche mid-engine supercar to rival the likes of the Ferrari 458 Italia and McLaren 650S.


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