In the world of custom cars, it's not out of the ordinary to see two different vehicle types mashed together. An old pickup truck might get the underpinings of a sports car so that it can haul and handle. An economy car can be turned into something far more interesting by swapping in a more powerful motor. There are even stranger custom jobs out there, of course, and a YouTube user recently posted one that takes things to a new extreme level.

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The writing on the side says EXP Airacycle. Google that all you want, you probably won't find anything. At least we haven't, and we've been searching around for a bit now. We have to assume this is a one-off custom job where the builder decided to combine the unique looks of a jet fighter with the, umm, whatever of a trike. The result is a bit of 'MURICAN road-going freedom.

It's probably quite fun to drive, and it probably gets far more looks, honks, and thumbs up than any exotic sports car. Watch the video posted above and bask in the red, white, and blue glory of Jet Trike. We're sure Roger Ramjet would approve... 

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