Boost, more boost, and a whole lotta car. That's the Hennessey Performance Engineering take on the Camaro ZL1 shown here testing its new twin-turbo setup in some quarter-mile testing.

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The ZL1 gets forced induction from the factory, of course, but it's supplied by a supercharger, just like the new Corvette Z06, though rated at 580 horsepower instead of the new Z06's "at least 625 horsepower" figure. But Hennessey didn't think that was good enough.

So instead they've gone and twin-turbocharged it. With the twin exhaust-driven turbines cramming air into the engine instead of the Eaton belt-driver, the ZL1 should have considerably more top end available. Add in Hennessey's usual magic (and mechanical know-how) and you've got what is sure to be a massively impressive car.

The sticker on the fender says this is the 1,000-horspeower HPE1000 Camaro ZL1, but considering the 10.6574 quarter-mile ET at a trap speed of 135.38 shown on the video, it might just be running with the boost turned down a bit. And it's still a monster.

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It's easy to love the ZL1, and not just because of the power it makes, but because of the way it handles--those third-generation magneto-rheological dampers can do some magic when tuned properly as they are on the ZL1.