Imagine you're a kid, and it's your seventh birthday. You have your friends and family around, you've opened your presents, you're a riding a bit of a sugar high from all the cake and punch. Then a parade of Lamborghinis show up at your house, and they want to take you for a ride.

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No, this isn't the scenario for the world's most unlikely and elaborate kidnapping, it's the fulfillment of one kid's dream. The little guy is such a Lamborghini fanatic, his father messaged Lamborghini North Los Angeles on Facebook to see if he could get his kid a ride in one of the low-slung supercars for his birthday. The dealer decided to do one better--about half a dozen better, actually.

Aventadors and Gallardos showed up at the boy's house, the father proudly filming his son's joy. Some of the Lamborghinis even wore decorations, including a black Aventador with Batman symbols all over it.

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No words can capture the simple joy of a young car nut living out his (as yet) wildest dreams, so just watch the video and enjoy.