As much as the Ferrari F40 has been surpassed in technology, comfort, and even performance, it remains an icon for many of us who savor the raw, unrestrained nature of a race car just barely made legal for the street. Sadly, that raw aggression can sometimes result in an early demise.

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That's not the case with this mashed F40, though. It went head-to-head with a Dodge Dart and lost, or at best tied--both cars are significantly damaged. The F40 appears to have taken the worst of it, losing what appears to be more or less everything important in front of the A-pillar, or at the very least beyond the front axle line.

So how did this F40 meet its end? As reported by The Garage Blog, a mechanic at Ferrari of Ontario was out testing the F40 when the Dart driver ran a red light and smashed the F40's nose in. It's a sad, stupid way for an F40 to end up requiring extensive repair.

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