It was at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show that Croatian electric car startup Rimac Automobili rolled out its insane 1,088-horsepower Concept One electric supercar. Since then, Rimac has confirmed that the striking concept is destined for production, with just 88 examples to see the light of day and each priced at almost $1 million. The company has also started an electric bicycle brand called Greyp and is already producing the brand’s first product, the G-12.

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The plans might sound a bit ambitious considering Rimac is basically unknown in the mainstream automotive world, but Tech EU reports that the startup has managed to secure two investors. One is a Ferrari 599XX-owning Croatian working in the energy and oil industry in Columbia, Frank Kanayet Yepes. Yepes is also an investor in the new Formula E electric racing series, so it’s clear he has an interest in vehicle electrification. Another is a resource company based in Hong Kong which is said to be interested in buying a 10 percent stake in Rimac.

Rimac has also received funding from customers interested in a production version of the Concept One. The company says it has six cars in the pipeline and interest is still growing. Demand for the new Greyp bikes is also growing so fast that Rimac is looking to hire up to 50 staff by the end of the year.

And since Rimac has developed most of its own technology, including the electric power systems for the Concept One and new Greyp bikes, the company is also planning to license the technology to other firms. Rimac says the technology could be effective in various types of vehicles including buses, trams and even boats.


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