Ferrari used this week’s 2014 Beijing Auto Show to reveal a new logo marking the Chinese year of the horse. The logo takes the shape of a traditional Chinese imperial seal and features the automaker’s signature prancing horse figure. It also includes a message in Chinese, which roughly translates to “May the year of the horse bring success”.

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The logo combines time-honored Chinese traditions in text, calligraphy, and seal-cutting, and is cut in the form of a stamp and dipped in Ferrari red. It featured prominently on Ferrari’s stand in Beijing and flanked the automaker's most important debut, the new California T. The was the first time the new Ferrari sports car has been shown outside of Europe, and, as with most Ferrari debuts, it attracted huge crowds of visitors throughout the show.

Note, Ferrari wasn’t the only automaker to celebrate the Chinese year of the horse. BMW also celebrated the year by rolling out the 7-Series Horse Edition in Beijing this week. For the rest of our coverage on the show, head to our dedicated hub.


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