Senior managers at Jaguar have suggested that a hardcore, lightweight version of the stunning F-Type Coupe could be on its way--and performance could approach some bona fide supercars. According to a new report, Jaguar is looking to shed as much as 200 kilograms from the F-Type's weight--around 440 lbs--bringing total curb weight down to little over 3,200 lbs.

"We won’t get any weight savings of significance by looking at any one thing, so it has to be holistic across every part and that’s a lot of engineering," Program Director Russ Varney told Auto Express. Weight could prove more instrumental than power at this stage, though an alternative to the existing 542-horsepower, 501 lb-ft supercharged V-8 hasn't been ruled out. That might even mean a smaller, lighter power unit like the supercharged V-6--as Jaguar hits a "critical mass" of weight savings.

Most of the F-Types luxuries would also be discarded to hit this target and carbon fiber seats and panels would make an appearance--giving the car a true "Club Sport" feel, rather than the more restrained luxury of Jaguar's existing R-S models. Harder-hitting performance models have long been rumored, as part of Jaguar's 'Engineered to Order' division.

The resulting car could have impressive performance potential--a 0-62 mph time of less than 3.5 seconds has been hinted, taking the F-Type deep into supercar territory. Jaguar sees it as a return to some of its lightweight sports cars of old, including race versions of the C-Type and E-Type. The end result will be a car even more suited to track work than Jaguar's recent XKR-S GT--and a great deal more beautiful, too.


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