The current R35 Nissan GT-R is an impressive car but, for some people, impressive just isn't good enough.

This AMS Alpha 16 GT-R shrieked its way through the quarter mile in 8.11 seconds at 176 mph at Royal Purple Raceway near Houston (via GTspirit). It also reached a top speed of 201.98 mph at Caddo Mills Airfield. AMS just wanted to make sure the GT-R was working properly before it was delivered to a customer.

That performance may not have even been the car's best. AMS says the 8.11-second pass done without using the highest boost setting, and that the GT-R might be capable of 7-second runs.

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In addition, the car did 0 to 60 mph in just 1.63 seconds, 60 to 130 mph in 2.98 seconds, and 100 to 150 mph in 2.79 seconds.

This was all done with a car that weighs around 4,060 pounds with the driver. GT-Rs are not products of the Colin Chapman school of car design, and this one wasn't subjected to any weight-saving measures. It does, however, have 1,600 horsepower, according to AMS.

To get that insane amount of power, the Alpha 16 gets redesigned turbochargers, new engine-control software, and a displacement bump to 4.0 liters. Engine internals and the transmission are also reinforced to handle the extra power.

With those changes, AMS has moved the GT-R from impressive to downright monstrous.


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