Attention Australia, please just give us a moment here. We know that you are the undisputed brake stand and burnout kings of the planet. We're not going to argue with you. Instead, we want to share this fine tire-shredding clip produced by the folks at Hennessey Performance Engineering. The subject is the HPE700, which is a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray that's been given a few upgrades.

What are we dealing with here? Well, the LT1 V-8 engine is now aided by a pair of turbochargers. The HPE700 package allows for a supercharging option as well, but the version in the video sticks to twin snails. Those units, alongside a few other minor tweaks, push the horsepower up to 708. Considering the less powerful HPE600 can run all the way up to the 200 mile per hour mark, we'd have to assume that the HPE700 is capable of hyper-legal speeds that occur in even less time.

That isn't what happens in this video though, as it's a quick and simple brake stand that turns into a rolling burnout. John Hennessey is at the wheel, and we have to imagine that the jovial Texan is smiling. We're smiling, and we're not even the ones behind the wheel.


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