When you watch someone who possesses an expert set of car control skills, you know you're in for something special. Garo Haroutounian is one such person, and he can control his BMW M3 more tightly than a Police Officer with a leash on his K9 sidekick.

Haroutounian recently ran his M3 in the Falougha Hill Climb event, and the results were rather impressive. He treats the course much like a Formula Drift racer treats a standard circuit... with lots of sideways action, heavy throttle inputs, and many dabs of opposite lock.

Hill climbs typically produce exciting feats of driving, and this Falougha event is no exception. We're happy that the cameras were rolling for Garo's run, because it's a joy to watch. In fact, there were enough cameras to record the entire run from start to finish. It's worth your eyeball time on this Friday, and it will wake you up better than any cup of coffee.

Sit back, crank the volume (on your headphones if you're at an office), and prepare to smile and be awed at the same time. Garo Haroutounian is one with his BMW M3, and he uses that oneness to conquer this particular mountain.



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