Just before the holidays, we stumbled across Luke Aker's incredible Craigslist ad for a heavily used 1996 Nissan Maxima, and Nissan North America decided to jump in and buy the car. Then they asked us to put the question to you, our readers, to decide what they should do with it.

Using your suggestions submitted in the comments here on Motor Authority and on our Facebook page (and one suggestion of their own) the Nissan North America team has narrowed it down to four possibilities:

1. Put the restored vehicle on display at NNA headquarters with a TV playing Luke’s ad on loop

2. Donate it to a program (such as a trade school) for education on restoring and fixing cars

3. Restore the vehicle and create a short video of a Nissan exec driving the vehicle as a company car

4. Nissan's idea: Donate the value of the restored 1996 Maxima to charity (the cost of restoring the vehicle, between $5,000 and $10,000). Due to the current state of the car and safety and liability issues, the actual car can't be donated to a charity for road use, even once restored.

So now the final vote is up to you: pick your favorite from among these four, put the number in your comment, and help decide what Nissan does with this much-loved but rather tired Maxima.

Nissan will tally the votes and we'll announce the winner here as soon as it's decided--and you'll have played a hand in bringing life back to a cherished 4DSC.