If you think your engine has a lot of horsepower, you're wrong.

Few automotive engines can hold a candle to this 828-cubic-inch Ford "mountain motor" which, according to BangShift, revs to 9,000 rpm and produces nearly 2,000 horsepower on the dyno.

This "mountain motor" normally powers a pro stock drag racer, and achieves its ungodly power output without the help of forced induction. It doesn't use nitrous oxide or exotic fuels either.

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What it does have are Hemi heads and an uncanny ability to rev like a Porsche 911 GT3's boxer six, despite being a hulking V-8 with much more metal to fling around during each revolution. During the dyno pull at Innovations West depicted in the video, this engine produced 1,950 hp between 7,000 rpm and 8,200 rpm.

It also sounds terrifying, but what else would you expect from an engine this big? There's no turbocharger to muffle the sound of the exhaust as it makes a pass at the drag strip, either.

While Formula One and endurance racers concentrate on more sophisticated hybrid powertrains with ever smaller engines, there's still one corner of the motorsport world where there's still no replacement for displacement.


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