In one of the most expensive pileups in recent memory, three Lamborghinis (two Gallardos and an Aventador) crashed into each other and caught fire on an expressway in Malaysia, Yahoo News Singapore reports.

Start thinking up those "hot car" jokes now.

The three Lambos were part of a five-car convoy traveling from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. One driver apparently lost control and hit the guardrail, and the other two didn't react fast enough to avoid slamming into their comrade. It's unclear how fast the cars were going, or how close they were to each other when the first one wiped out.

One car, the Aventador, was pinned against the guardrail by the other two, but the drivers reportedly escaped without injuries. Two fire crews eventually put out the blaze, which seems to have started in the rear of the black car, which was closest to the guardrail.

One car was burned beyond recognition, while the other two received equal doses of fire and crash damage. They're most likely not salvageable.

That's too bad for the owners, since the end of Gallardo production means the "entry-level" Lamborghini is about to become quite unattainable. A replacement, rumored to be named Cabrera, is on the way.


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