Here's a car for those adults out there who never wanted to give up their go-karts. Bang Shift found this half-scale McLaren M8B Can-Am car for sale on eBay. And yes, you can drive it.

According to the seller, the mini McLaren was built using modern racing kart components, including a four-stroke kart engine. It has a molded fiberglass body, tubular chassis, and hydraulic disc brakes. Best of all, the seller says it will fit a "6' 1" slender man." Start that diet now.

McLaren is the most successful team in the history of Can-Am racing, claiming five consecutive world championships between 1969 and 1974.

The M8B was one of the cars that ensured McLaren's dominance. An evolution of the already-successful M8, the full-size M8B was powered by an aluminum 422-cubic inch Chevrolet V-8, and featured aerodynamic enhancements like the signature giant rear wing. It was such a potent package that McLaren won every race of the 1969 Can-Am season. Founder Bruce McLaren won six of those 11 races himself.

Not everyone can squeeze into a go-kart-sized replica, though. For those people, there is another way to relive the glory days of Can-Am, but it doesn't come cheap.

McLaren is currently building the 12C GT Can-Am Edition to order. With this limited-edition model, McLaren tried to turn the already-capable MP4-12C into a race car. Just look at all of those spoilers and decals.

However, the 12C GT Can-Am Edition costs about $595,668. That's probably a bit more than the half-scale M8B will fetch on eBay.


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