This week started off with a bang as we watched Jay Leno take a spin in Batman's Tumbler. Were we a bit jealous? Yes, but then again, Jay always seems to be hopping into the latest piece of awesome.

Hyundai's preparing for SEMA as it released a sketch of its modified Veloster Turbo dubbed the EGR Night Racer. Since it's aimed at attacking night races, it's been painted in an eye-searing 'Yellowcake' paint. There's also the Wurton roof-mounted LED light bar, you know, so you can see the track at night.

We received our first glimpse of the new 2015 Cadillac Escalade this week with the reveal of the luxury SUV's interior.

For those of you who want to fly, there's the Martin P12 Jet Pack which will supposedly be available in 2014, and Koenigsegg confirmed the One:1 supercar's 1,400-horsepower output.

A motorcycle gang in New York made headlines this week as a video was released of them mobbing a family in a Range Rover. Of course as you'd imagine, carnage ensued.

Production of the new SRT Viper has been cut by a third due to low demand and inventory pile-up. Meanwhile, a Tesla Model S caught on fire after it collided with a piece of metal on a wet highway.

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