[WARNING: This video contains content that many will find disturbing. Watch at your own risk.]

Riding a motorcycle on the street is dangerous--not so much because of the two-wheeled nature of the motorcycle itself, but because of the lack of protection and the inattention of "cagers"--people in cars, trucks, and SUVs. But sometimes riding a motorcycle is dangerous because the riders are stupid.

Here, we have a case of the latter.

For unknown reasons, a large group of motorcyclists riding along the highway decide to stop in the middle of a section with no shoulder, entrapping and encircling a black Range Rover. Presumably, the Range Rover driver had done something to anger the motorcyclists--perhaps an instance of inattention.

The driver of the Range Rover, a man, with his wife and young child inside the vehicle, apparently becomes afraid of the mob of bikers and speeds off--crunching over several motorcycles and at least one of the riders. The NYPD tells the Daily Mail that no one was killed, and the only injury appears to be the driver of the Range Rover.

The question here isn't why the Range Rover driver did what he did. That seems obvious: he was outnumbered, surrounded, and afraid for himself and his family. So he took the only exit path that presented itself--straight through the aggressors.

The real question here is: What in the hell possessed these bikers to shut down a highway and surround the Range Rover and its occupants in what is, clearly, a threatening manner?

After the Range Rover's violent escape, the bikers proceed to chase the Range Rover for miles, eventually catching up with it and beating in the driver's window--and apparently smashing the driver's face up a bit--with a helmet.

Let us be clear: escalating an affront (real or perceived) on the highway into a full-blown attack that puts lives on the line is just plain stupid, no matter what you're driving or riding.

Well done, New York City bike club. You've done so much for your cause.