Infiniti is hard at work promoting all things Q right now. The family is growing so there will be even more Q on the horizon, and the newest member will most likely be an all-new compact hatchback. To preview that mini machine, Infiniti has brought the Q30 concept to Frankfurt. The styling here attempts to blend the world of coupes, hatchbacks, and crossovers onto one body. Does it work? We will tell you when we see it in the flesh, but for now we've got the lowdown on the goals behind this concept creation.

Infiniti is interested in attracting a younger end of the premium automobile buying set. That's important because it allows an automaker to have customers grow with the brand, as they move into a need for larger and more expensive vehicles. Here, Infiniti hopes to capture the eyes of folks who might be thinking about other vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz CLA, the Audi A3, and the BMW X1. These are almost akin to gateway drugs to the world of luxury automobiles.

The good news for Infiniti here is that the production version of the Q30 shouldn't be wildly different from this concept. There are exceptions, of course, with items like the hard-cut sculpted mirrors, the conceptual seats, and the aggressive wheels. Still, Infiniti has fully adopted this new flowing design language so we don't expect much of a wild departure away from this concept. That's a great thing, as it will take an exciting look for the next crop of young, affluent shoppers to take an interest in the Q30.

Inside the Q30, there’s a sporty flat-bottomed steering wheel, bright digital gauges with purple backlighting, copper-accented dials including a center console-mounted control wheel, accented stitching and soft leather on most of the surfaces.

It's a car that will stand out, and the right buyer will appreciate that. Of course, that could cause a bit of polarization amongst a few in this segment but it will certainly have customers talking about Infiniti, and the direction in which the brand is moving is certainly full of style. You can expect a production version of the Q30 to arrive by 2015, and a QX30 crossover could follow soon after.


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