Motor Authority's been all over the world and all over social media this week to bring you the latest luxury- and performance-car news.

This week, we flew over to Germany and drove the new 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo and Turbo S. To answer your questions, yes, they are both insanely fast, and yes they can keep up with the other super cars like the McLaren MP4-12C and Ferrari 458 Italia.

Autonomous cars made the news this week, as Nissan said it'll have self-driving cars in showrooms by 2020, and that it's using animals to influence the technology. Google announced that it'll put $258 million into Uber, and possibly build its own self-driving vehicles.

On the hot hybrid front, Nissan applied for an R-Hybrid trademark, possibly for a future GT-R Hybrid. Just in time? A hybrid Corvette isn't off the table in the future.

On the list of awesome, we'd put the Rally Corvette Grand Sport, which might just be the coolest car on the planet. Though, we'd also file the video of a Jaguar XJ220 being taken on a joyride around a farm in the win category as well.

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