Lincoln is asking for a few 2013 models to return to the corral. It seems that quite a few 2013 examples of the MKS, MKT, and MKZ have an issue that requires immediate attention.

According to Autoweek, there is a fuel delivery module in the fuel tank that could leak. That's bad. Leaking fuel could lead to a fire risk, and that's worse.

There's a telltale sign, however, to see if your Lincoln is affected. You can smell fuel by the fuel door, or you can actually see a bit of a leak.

Still, you shouldn't go by those clues alone. The recall affects 13,381 MKS, 6,599 MKT, and 5,512 MKZ vehicles. Additionally, this recall affects 465,000 total vehicles across the globe because quite a few Ford products are also potentially hit by this issue.

The MKZ has a few more bugs it seems, as Lincoln has recalled another 500 examples of the latest 2013 model. Apparently, for that concern, the wiring on the engine-block heaters could crack in cold temperatures, which would expose the wiring. As you might expect, there are only a few MKZ sedans wearing engine-block heaters here in the States. Most of the recalled cars are parked in Canada.

Regardless, it's clear that Lincoln was rushing to get its 2013 product lineup out the door. The automaker was eager to show off the MKZ to the world, and its dealerships were anxiously awaiting the car so they could share it with their customers. Perhaps it needed a bit more time in the oven to make sure it came out perfectly.


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