Roads? Where Terrafugia wants you to go, you don- ... Okay, you still need roads, but you can also make use of all of that blue sky right above your head. Terrafugia is a Massachusetts-based company that wants to put a flying car in your garage.

The auto/plane-maker's first model is called the Transition, and the company expects to begin delivering product sometime in 2015. Even though no one has yet to take delivery of a $279,000 Transition, Terrafugia is already beginning to plan a second model for its future lineup.

Called the TF-X, Terrafugia is envisioning a vehicle that can fit in your garage, cruise down the highway, and then propel you right into the sky by way of a vertical take off and landing system.

This VTOL system would enable Terrafugia to offer customers a vehicle with a greater level of usability. Instead of driving over to the local airport, you could find a nice open spot and simply rise up into the air with no long take-off run required.

The TF-X would certainly wind up costing more than the $279,000 price tag worn by the Transition. The technology required is more complex. This means high-end lightweight materials and powerful engines.

Combine that with extensive safety requirements for both on-road and above-road use, both the Transition and TF-X are still a few years out. The Transition is certainly right on the horizon, but we suspect the TF-X is still over a decade away.

Hopefully their third model is based on a DeLorean... we have dreams, you know.