In past years, the annual Volkswagen and Audi tuner fest in Wörthersee, Austria has seen the reveal of a number of exciting performance concepts that have led to production.

Notable concepts included the Scirocco GT24, Audi A1 clubsport quattro and Golf R Cabriolet, which eventually spawned the respective Scicorro R, Audi A1 quattro and Golf R Cabriolet production cars.    

It turns out this year’s event, which takes place from May 8-11, will be no different.

We’ve already been treated to a preview of the Audi TT ultra quattro concept, which is said to preview a new lightweight version of the next-generation TT sports car, and now there are reports that a similar hardcore Volkswagen GTI variant will also be previewed at this year’s Wörthersee Tour.

Speaking with CAR, Volkswagen R&D boss Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg confirmed that a concept car previewing a future GTI variant would be revealed at the event.

He went on to reveal that it won’t be over the top like the Golf GTI W12, a previous Wörthersee concept, but instead will be “more realistic.”

Volkswagen is reported to be planning a more hardcore version of its latest 2015 GTI, one that’s said to focus on lightweight design, so it’s possible this is the model the automaker will preview. If this is the case, look for carbon fiber construction and an upgraded electronic differential.

Another possibility is the Edition 40 GTI, a 40th anniversary GTI special edition due on the market in 2016, though it’s unlikely this is the car Hackenberg is referring to given how far its release date is.

We'll have all the details in just a week, but while you wait be sure to read our first drive report on the new 2015 Volkswagen GTI.