Now that the new Cadillac ATS sports sedan is on the market--and one of the best-driving sport sedans, we might add--the Cadillac CTS has room to grow.

And based on our first in-person look, that's exactly what's happened. The new 2014 Cadillac CTS, shown here at a special invitation-only preview event prior to New York Auto Show press conferences, is larger and more dramatically styled, yet arguably not quite as brash and bold as the current (outgoing) 2013 CTS.

Cadillac officials have insisted in the past year that they aren't abandoning Art & Science; rather the design theme is evolving, and becoming a little less hard-edged. We like the evolution of the 2014 CTS, and think that the new look should be less polarizing, while looking more handsome and athletic.

Throughout this design, the new CTS has more smoothness, pulling off the shoulder pads, and ratcheting down the bluntness and hard-edged creases just for the sake of them. While the grille has a higher badge, the softer curves tend to pull the form lower to the ground. And inside, while the current CTS cabin remains striking, a new wrap-around, single piece dash cap sets a smooth new impression, with a two-tone look like that of the ATS.

Take a look at these first live pictures above, as well as GM's official studio set below, and let us know what you think. Then study up on more of the details--like the new 420-horsepower twin-turbo V-6 and paddle-shifted eight-speed automatic--with our preview post.

What do you think of the next step for this sport sedan that arguably helped make Cadillac relevant again?


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