This summer, get ready to watch the newest installment of the popular Fast and the Furious series, Fast And Furious 6, the first official trailer for which aired during Super Bowl XLVII yesterday.

The first clip sees all the big stars feature, as well as plenty of the cars, some of which are likely to outshine the real-life actors.

Paul Walker returns to the franchise, as do Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, plus a few other fan favorites including Jordana Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson and rapper Ludacris.

We also know that a heavily-tuned Nissan GT-R and a Subaru BRZ will feature, though neither car is shown in this first trailer so we can’t tell you just yet who will be driving what.

We can, however, see that an Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Dodge Charger, Ferrari Enzo, Plymouth Super Bird, Subaru Impreza WRX STI and even a tank will be sharing the screen.

As for the plot, the new movie follows straight from the previous one, Fast Five. After scattering all over the globe in hiding following their Rio heist, the crew now hopes to return home but even there they can’t find peace.

A new group of mercenary drivers are attacking convoys across 12 countries and it’s up to Dom (Vin Diesel) and his gang to stop them.

The movie opens in cinemas across the U.S. on May 24, 2013.