Video footage shows the dramatic crash between an oncoming train and an unfortunate truck at a railway crossing in Russia.

A truck is seen at the start of the clip attempting to cross some railway tracks when a train suddenly appears, t-boning the truck and dragging it along the tracks for several carriage lengths.

A black 4WD is also seen crossing the tracks but manages to escape from the moving wreck, which passes just a few feet away.

It’s not clear why the crash occurred but it looks like the driver of the truck may have had the train blocked from his view by a red truck already standing at the railway crossing. There also appears to be no warning for drivers of an oncoming train apart from regular traffic lights.

At the start of the clip, it’s possible to hear the train’s siren blaring a warning though it wasn’t enough to prevent the crash. Hopefully nobody was seriously injured.

Note, this is the second crash we’ve seen this year where a car was t-boned while attempting to cross some tracks. The previous crash, which you can view here, involved a car being t-boned by a tram.