These are the first photos of a completed version of Ferrari’s replacement for the Enzo supercar. They appeared in the latest issue of Ferrari Magazine, the automaker’s official rag.

The design in the photos shows a direct link with past and present Ferraris, including some influences from the FXX track car and the latest F12 Berlinetta.

They also show a double-bubble roof design whose popularity has seen a resurgence in recent years. Other cars featuring the roof design include the Hennessey Venom GT and SRT Viper.

Responsible for the styling of the new supercar is Ferrari’s in-house designer Flavio Manzoni, who has described it as having a three-curve profile (one curve for the front fender, one sweeping curve for the roof and one final curve for the rear fender) and extensive glass area. Aerodynamics have played a large role in dictating the design, though the overall aesthetics haven’t been overlooked, as these images confirm.

Previously, all we’ve seen of the new Ferrari flagship have been its carbon fiber monocoque, its hybrid powertrain and heavily disguised prototypes. But with the release of these new photos we now have a much better idea as to what the final design will look like.

To recap what we know so far, the Enzo replacement, which may or may not be called the F70, will use a V-12 engine in conjunction with two electric motors--one used to aid the engine by also powering the rear wheels, and the second used to power electrical accessories--to boost power and reduce emissions. Combined output is rumored to be in excess of 800 horsepower, with some claiming as much as 920 hp may be on tap, and the curb weight could be as low as 2,425 pounds.

The entire chassis will be crafted from carbon fiber, with various components built from different carbon materials for optimum weight and strength. Four different carbon fiber blends are used in the tub alone, and each will be hand crafted to the same level of care given to a Ferrari F1 chassis.

Ferrari has stated that its long-awaited Enzo successor will be revealed around the end of the year, so hopefully we’ll see it in all its glory very soon.