Ferrari’s strategy for the reveal of its new flagship, the rumored F70, appears to be to release details of a single component at a time. First, the Italian automaker gave us a peek at the Enzo-successor’s hybrid drivetrain, at April’s Beijing Auto Show.

Then, at September’s Paris Auto Show, the company showed off the unique carbon fiber tub that will form the backbone (or monocoque) of the car.

We’ve also posted numerous spy shots of prototypes caught testing at various locations across Europe.

Now, new images of the prototypes, revealing much greater detail than before, have the Web. They were first posted on the websites Ultimissime Auto and World Car Fans, and are believed to be scans from Ferrari’s official magazine.

Some of the shots show the previously revealed carbon tub with some components installed, while others show the engine bay with the car’s V-12 engine and hybrid system installed. It’s clear the car is still a work in progress, and Ferrari is very careful not to let any images showing the car’s bodywork out of its sight.

To recap what we know so far, the Enzo replacement will use a V-12 engine in conjunction with two electric motors--one used to aid the engine by also powering the rear wheels, and the second used to power electrical accessories--to boost power and reduce emissions. Combined output is rumored to be in excess of 800 horsepower, with some claiming as much as 920 hp may be on tap.

The entire chassis will be crafted from carbon fiber, with various components built from different carbon materials for optimum weight and strength. Four different carbon fiber blends are used in the tub alone, and each will be hand crafted to the same level of care given to a Ferrari F1 chassis.

It’s still unclear when we might see the car finally unveiled, though most reports suggest it will happen either at the end of this year or sometime early next. Suffice it to say, we can’t wait.