Drop-top Volkswagen models have always enjoyed something of a cult following, thanks in part to their distinct personalities. Whether you’re talking about a Beetle Convertible or a Golf Cabriolet, there is no shortage of Volkswagen fans waiting to buy one on the new or used market.

That’s not been the case with Volkswagen’s Eos retractable hardtop convertible, which sought to take VW’s open-air motoring in a new and upscale direction. In addition to a solid roof, the Golf-based Eos came with the GTI’s drivetrain, available leather upholstery and a sticker price north of $34,000.

Blame it on price, styling, or a suspension tuned more for comfort than for handling, but Volkswagen’s Eos has never enjoyed the sales success typically seen by VW’s other convertibles. Now comes word from Autocar that Volkswagen will discontinue the Eos in its current form when production of this generation ends.

Of the move, VW’s head of design, Klaus Bischoff, said, “The Eos will not be prolonged when it comes off the market. Retractable hardtops are disappearing from the market now, and to be honest that’s not something I mind.”

In its place, Volkswagen is considering a larger soft top convertible to complement the newly-launched Beetle Cabriolet, but Bischoff admits that’s just one of some 100 design studies currently under consideration.

The big problem may prove to be production. With existing plants running at full capacity, introducing new models would require Volkswagen to build new plants, something that’s not in the automaker’s plans for the immediate future.