If you buy a high-performance automobile, there is no shortage of factory-backed training programs to teach you how to be both fast and safe behind the wheel. Porsche has its own academy, as do AMG and BMW, while automakers like SRT and Fiat rely on the services of others.

Buy a serious off-roader, however, and your driver training choices are somewhat limited. Sure, there are schools that can teach you the basics of maximizing traction in the soft and squishy stuff, but very few will cover the finer points of rock crawling or high-speed desert pre-running.

Enter the Ford Racing Raptor Assault Program, a newly-developed initiative between Ford Racing and Utah’s Miller Motorsports Park. Designed to spotlight the off-road capabilities of Ford’s F-150 SVT Raptor, its best-ever-selling specialty truck, the program offers three experiences based on budget and comfort level.

The first step is a hot lap ride-along program, where attendees get to see how pro drivers handle a variety of terrain in the Raptor. Next is a three-hour “Raptor Assault Experience” that covers the basics of rock crawling and high-speed driving on the school’s short course, and includes high-speed pro driver laps as well.

For those with a larger sense of adventure (and a larger budget), a one-day school serves up rock crawling, the short track, the desert racing course and the aforementioned high-speed ride-along stuff. If you want more personalized instruction for going fast behind the wheel of a Raptor, that’s available, too.

Buying a Raptor doesn’t get you a free school, but it does get you discounts on the various courses. If you want more information, or just want to check out the upcoming schedule, head on over to the Raptor Assault web page.