Tanahashi Haruhiko is the chief engineer behind the development of the Lexus LFA, a project to which he’s dedicated a third of his 34-year career to. As you’d guess, Haruhiko has a few things to say about the car, which is why he’s begun blogging about the LFA on Lexus’ global website.

His first blog entry, entitled “The Roar Of An Angel,” reveals the most about the thought process behind the car’s development. While the LFA is remarkable for what it has (a distinct personality, delivered by its hand-built V-10 engine), it’s equally remarkable for what it excludes (luxuries like automatic headlights and rain-sensing wipers).

As Lexus Enthusiast tells us, subsequent blog posts talk about the relevance of the LFA in a changing automotive world, the importance of testing the car at Germany’s Nürburgring, interaction between the LFA and its driver, and the wonder that is the LFA’s assembly line.

Haruhiko’s blog entries provide a fascinating look at the lengths the Japanese automaker went to to ensure that the LFA was the best car it could build. While the LFA will remain exclusive and limited in production, the lessons learned from the LFA (and the techniques developed for its production) will likely trickle down to more mainstream automobiles.

Given Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda’s passion for driving, we’re pretty sure that list will include affordable sports cars, too.